I like the one who is not beautiful.

The other team tried to keep them from crossing the line.


You will be looking after Rand from now on.

This forest is quiet and peaceful.

I am interested in studying German culture.

He usually doesn't brag.

He walked two miles in half an hour.

What with joy and shame, she blushed to the ears.

They aren't ripe at all. You're going to break your teeth!


You're dishonest.

Mah was an enthusiastic supporter of the project.

The question is what is it.

I don't feel very good when I haven't eaten breakfast.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.


Why didn't you just ask for my help?


The British experienced many problems fighting the war.


There is no milk left.

The situation Saify described actually happened once in Boston.

A woman is not a creature that acknowledges the 100 things you've done right, but rather, one that without fail will point out the one thing you've done wrong.

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Let's think about this a bit more.

What does that prove?

How many museums did you visit?

I made her angry.

Would you be friends with me?

I'm not your angel anymore.

This thing is good.


Yvonne doesn't often let Henry drive his car.

It is often difficult to see if a ball is in or out.

I lie to them all time.

Would you like one?

I cannot comment this sentence, as I don't speak Russian.


I'll never see him again as long as I live.

What does that sound like to you?

I told Monty that I will help him.

Let's get the job done now.

Everything depends on her answer.

I think you need some rest.

This is where Marsh lives.


Jim got a job as a waiter.

They are concerned about Celia.

Can I leave my bags with you until I come to check in?

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Lana pulled out one of his earplugs.

I'm hit!

May the queen live long!

The Denver Broncos have won Super Bowl 50.

Where's the burger patty?

What do you say to going to the concert?

Would you like to come in for an interview next week?

The soil will have to be plowed before we start planting.

I expected a bit more cooperation.

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I don't require assistance.

Don't forget to go see Giles tomorrow.

It's important to laugh.

Rodger picked up some food for dinner.

He went to Switzerland.

The chances are that she'll quit her job.

Today I'm pissed.


Graeme asked for food.

I have some butterflies in my stomach.

Does this mean that I am still in love with her?

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He died of a heart attack on the stage.


Don't do anything hasty.

The boys have found a coin.

I'm well aware of the risk.

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We need to address the overcrowding among the refugees immediately otherwise more will die as summer approaches.

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Are you sure you don't want to join me?


I hope this fine weather lasts till the weekend.

Niels would like to have a smooth skin.

I have to go find him.

The work required to investigate that is boring and wearisome.

I didn't expect a warm welcome.


My grandfather has a piece of shrapnel in his chest.


The evil of the world has to be extirpated.

The man robbed me of my purse.

Wanna shoot some pool?


Sooner or later, Sandra will likely agree to help us.


Vijay won't go back to Boston.

What if he doesn't want to talk to me?

Bring the work to the perfect condition.

Let's work on one project at a time.

She has been to England once.

"Would you like to read?" "No, thanks. I'm just listening."

Answer Andrea.

Tell Penny to bring Joni along.

He was struck by her beauty.

We should probably get going.

This isn't fun.

There are women to whom we make love, and those, to whom we speak about it.

I found the new magazine very interesting.

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If you don't like him, why were you talking to him?

Her old bike squeaked as she rode down the hill.

Things didn't work out between Jean and Jef.

Those cunning bastards!

Predictably, he crashed and burned.

He will figure on inviting a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.

We're all worn out.


The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.


I recognized Naim the moment I saw her.

The river is 35 meters across.

This morning, Mr Yamaha bought 30 kilos of walnuts wholesale.

We stayed at home because it was raining.

Is there anything certain you can tell us about Tanya?

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Fay wouldn't take the matter seriously.

He's always chasing girls.

The road was very rough.

I thought it over and decided to tell Hubert everything.

You're a good customer, so I'll do what I can.

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She inclined her head in greeting.


It is about time we bought a new microwave oven.

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I only eat kosher food.

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I am teaching.

What's the point of all of this?

It got colder day by day.


This is one of the biggest mysteries in science today.

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Never mind. It happens to everyone.

Listen, I have good news.

What are our options here?


It's nice to be in the right place .

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How did the secret get out?


It'll cost you.

Woe to him!

You owe me big time.


Did you acknowledge his letter?

I started studying French last year.

People in the town came to help him.

This isn't Spanish.

Root doesn't understand me the way you do.

Please just take it.

Whenever she comes, she brings us presents.

Elizabeth said he had plenty of friends in Boston.

I think perhaps you're right.


Francis won't eat meat.


Esperanto, official language of the EU, now!

Sylvan slammed the door shut.

Give me back my book.


We'll swim tomorrow.

I'm afraid the doctor is out.

This time I'm paying.

I know what you did wasn't intentional.

She cannot attend school on account of illness.

His essay gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, so it was a real surprise to him when he got the highest grade in the class.

The table is next to the fridge.

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Where will we find the truth?


Let's start early, shall we?

I thought I had seen Olof somewhere before.

The two books are equivalent in value.


I just want us to stay together.

Gill asked Serdar to throw the rotten apple into the garbage.

I want to buy a few pairs of trousers.

The wind has abated.

How long can the world stand by and watch these atrocities?

Happy are those who know the value of health.

Nowadays people in Venezuela are on the breadline.


Collin needs to say something.

Aaron wrote a very detailed description.

I lost my points.


The fundraiser was Bradley's idea.